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Weed Control In Your Hands!

Reduce your use of costly herbicides with this smart and safe Bermudagrass weed killer-control helper and alternative in selective lawn and garden areas.  Avoid chemical overkill with safe organic weed removal tool!

Weed Twister - Now Stronger, Longer!

WEED TWISTER Strong and Deft Weed Deterrence - Muscles Optional

Ergonica WEED TWISTER vs. Bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.)

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Save Time and Effort with the Turbo Weed Twister!

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Turbo Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass Weeds

Turbo Weed Twister attached to a 3-speed cordless hammer drill pulls out Bermuda grass quickly and effectively.   There is no other tool currently available that can remove troublesome Bermuda grass, crabgrass and similar grasses as quickly and effectively as this tool.  As shown in these video clips, the Ergonica Turbo Weed Twister includes a unique sleeve grip that gives you the control you need to focus the power of this tornado in your hands where the wily grass stems spread in every direction.


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Untangling Bermuda Grass from Preferred Lawn - Reseeding to Follow

Removing Bermuda Grass from Flower Bed.  See more Weeding Tools Videos

Ever try to remove Bermuda grass with a hoe?  Or another type of weed puller?  The Ergonica Weed Twister has special features that qualifies it to be called a Bermudagrass or Crabgrass TwisterThe proof is in the videos above and photos below!  Now you have an opportunity to attack your troublesome grassy weeds with a mechanical tool before you resort to chemicals!  The prostrate stems of bermudagrass and similar vine-like weeds will choke your hoe and other pullers which are designed primarily to cultivate loose soil.  In contrast, the twisted fork of the Weed Twister grabs the prostrate stems and removes large chunks of stems, rhizomes and runners each time you twist this amazing tool. 

Bermudagrass is often confused with Crabgrass, although Bermudagrass is a favored cultivar in many parts of the US.  The WEED TWISTER  is effective in controlling the spread of Crabgrass, Bermudagrass and many other grasses and plants that grow with prostrate stems and / or rhizomes, including Purslane and other similar vascular and succulent plants.

Here the WEED TWISTER was pitted against a 2-square foot area of Bermudagrass that had been established and  undisturbed in compacted soil near a driveway for over 40 years.  The soil was soaked with water two hours before this test.

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass   Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass   Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

Two or three rotations of the Weed Twister grass puller will extract the plant along with roots, stems and rhizomes.  Tapping on a hard object such as the sidewalk quickly expels a plug of dirt.  Once the plug is dropped, the roots easily unwind into the trash container by gravity.

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

A little 'fishing' may be required to find the central root network of each grass cluster.  The WEED TWISTER is the ideal tool to "search and destroy" runaway grassy intruders.  No harsh chemicals are needed to control the spread of problem grasses.

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

In this test, it took about 30 minutes to clean this 2-square-foot area of Bermudagrass.  This includes the time to stop for photos and work with the camera in one hand.  Normally it should take only about 5-10 minutes to clean a one-square-foot area of problem grasses.

Bermudagrass Control Tool - Bermuda Grass Twister/Puller - Bermudagrass Killer

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

In 8 minutes we have removed about the same number of Bermudagrass clusters by their roots.  This includes the time to take photos and drop the weeds into the trash container.  Without the photos, each cluster can be removed and disposed in about 30 seconds.

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

The photos on the far right show the size of the grass clusters which can vary considerably with Bermudagrass.  Crabgrass clusters are actually larger and more easily targeted and removed by the precise crabgrass puller WEED TWISTER.

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

By the 23rd. minute we have twisted out over a square foot of Bermudagrass in this test (including interruptions for photos and the time for dropping clusters into the trash container).

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

In 5-10 seconds of probing, this tool reveals if you have captured a central cluster.  If the grass doesn't dance with the tool, poke another spot!  The twisting effort varies from minimal to strenuous depending on your soil type and condition.

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

In 26 minutes we have cleared most of the 2-square-foot area of Bermudagrass.  The hard work is rewarded by the knowledge that the soil is clean of problem grasses and free of toxic chemicals, as well.

Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

Altogether, we removed about 30 chunks of Bermudagrass in this test, about one each minute.  Without taking photos, you can do the work in half the time.  Once the obvious grass clusters have been removed, it's very important to comb the soil with the WEED TWISTER, like a hoe, in order to seek and destroy hidden roots, stems and rhizomes.

  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass  Weed Twister vs. Bermudagrass

  Problem grasses, such as Bermudagrass, Crabgrass and others, require care and diligence to remove them and control their growth.  It's important to work together with your neighbors and fellow growers or garden club members to reduce the weed pressure of these invasive plants in your area.  The Ergonica WEED TWISTER is an important and unique resource to help control this threat.  No other hand tool, twister or hoe has been shown to work effectively with grasses and prostrate weeds.

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How to Control Bermudagrass and Crabgrass Invasion?

University of California IPM Online Pest Management Program

Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) is a plant that is grown as a turfgrass or as forage for livestock, but it also can be an invasive weed. It was introduced from Africa (not Bermuda) in 1751 and is widely spread throughout the southwest and southern United States. It is found in most areas of California at elevations below 3,000 feet and is common in gardens, landscapes, turf areas, orchards, roadsides, vineyards, and industrial areas. Bermudagrass also has many other common names including couchgrass, devilgrass, wiregrass, or dogtooth grass.  Bermudagrass is not an easy weed to control, especially when it must be controlled selectively within an already planted turf, garden, or landscaped area. It can be managed nonchemically with a persistent program of removal, or over large areas with cultivation and withholding water during the summer to desiccate the stolons and rhizomes. Mulches of black plastic or geotextile landscape fabric can also be effective over large areas if light is excluded. Control with herbicides requires careful timing and often more than one application.

University of Minnesota Extension

To keep lawns thick and healthy so there's little space for crabgrass seed to sprout, you should:

bulletMow frequently, removing only 1/3 of the blade length each time.
bulletSet the mower high: 2" to 3" during the hottest part of the summer.
bulletWater consistently and thoroughly throughout the growing season, if possible. Apply enough water to bring the weekly total to one to one and a half inches of rain and irrigation water combined.
bulletFertilize more heavily in fall than spring.
bulletAerate the lawn in early fall as soon as temperatures cool, if soil is compacted or clay-like

Purdue University Lawn Care

Smooth Crabgrass (Digitaria ischaemum) and Large Crabgrass (D. sanguinalis) are warm season annual members of the Grass family that reproduce primarily by seeds. Large crabgrass can also reproduce by long, rooting tillers. To control without chemicals maintain turf density and health through proper culture; avoid light, frequent irrigation, spring cultivation, short mowing, and summer fertilization. They can also be hand-pulled or mechanically removed.

Bermudagrass Identification and Control Documents and Tools at Ergonica.net Shopping Catalog

When you're ready to buy your next weed pulling tool ask yourself:

  1. Can it pull out weeds with roots as deep as 6 to 12 inches or greater?
  2. Can it twist out networked grasses, vines and prostrate stems?
  3. Can it also work like a precise hoe against new seedlings and grasses?
  4. Is it a good match against all my most troublesome weeds?
  5. Can it help to reduce my dependence on herbicides?
  6. Is it strong but light weight and easy to carry around?
  7. Does it have a long handle, as long as 36-60 inches?
  8. Can I use my drill to replace manual twisting on some models?
  9. Can my drill-powered tool also be used manually?

If the answer to ALL these questions is YES, Buy It!
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The patented WEED TWISTER will save your day!

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The dandelion's worst enemy!

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